Brazilian customers visit the factory

July 5, 2022
Latest company case about Brazilian customers visit the factory

An individual, Jakub, who originated from Brazil. This customer and our unusual trade salesman have been in contact for practically two many months. This time, he flew from Brazil. You are to look at our factory situation, and one other is to discover more on you. The product.

Jakub mentioned that they had previously purchased stainless iron products from another company, but because the price has not been discounted, their competitive advantages in Brazil steadily became smaller and smaller, and there are companies selling stainless steel products in Brazil. Many companies, so the competition is getting progressively more fierce. When we met our factory these times, when our sales representative replied to his email, the person expressed to us that the person wanted to visit our plant. We are honored and very happy that Jakub has come and received him. Jakub was very delighted by our scale and products with this trip, and autographed a contract with your factory on the same day.