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    I was going to use it for a block-off plate on an engine, but it ended up using 8mm aluminum, instead, as it's easier to cut, shape, and drill, but this is quality SS, and I'll definitely use it on another project.
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    T. F.
    It is what it is. What more can really be said? I've ordered two of these. Both arrived packaged very well. No warps, bends or scratches. Recommended!
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    Very pleasant purchase.
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Inconel 600 Nickel Alloy Steel UNS N06600 Standard Engineering Material

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Inconel
Certification ISO, AISI, ASTM, GB, EN, DIN, JIS
Model Number Inconel 600 - UNS N06600 standard engineering material
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Ton
Price Contact Us
Packaging Details Waterproof Paper, Steel Strip Packed and other Standard Export Seaworthy Package, or customized
Delivery Time Within 7-10 Working Days
Payment Terms L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability 5000 Ton/Tons per Month
Product Details
Material Inconel 600 - UNS N06600 Standard Engineering Material Is Alloy Or Not Is Alloy
Sample Available Seaport Shanghai Port, Ningbo Port
Others OEM/ODM/Oversea Service Type Nickel Bar,Nickel Pipe,Nickel Plate
Grade Nickel-chromium Alloy All Standard Mill Forms Product Name Inconel 600
High Light

Inconel 600 Nickel Alloy Steel


Nickel Alloy Steel UNS N06600


ASTM Nickel Alloy Steel

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Product Description

Inconel 600 - UNS N06600 standard engineering material

Inconel 600 is just a nickel supports chromium alloy with good oxidation process resistance at higher temperatures, with good resistance in carburizing and chloride containing environments. Inconel six-hundred is known as a nickel- chromium blend designed for use from cryogenic to elevated temperatures in the collection of 2000 deg F( 1093 deg C). Positive aspects dime content from the alloy permits it to retain considerable amount of resistance under reducing conditions and would make it immune to corrosion by simply a number of natural and inorganic compounds. The nickel articles gives it excellent resistance to chloride- ion stress supports corrosion cracking and also supplies excellent capacity alkaline solutions.


Their chromium content gives the blend resistance from sulfur compounds and differing oxidizing environments. The chrome content of the alloy helps it be superior to commercially pure dime under oxidizing conditions. In good oxidizing solutions like hot, centered nitric acid, 600 has negative resistance. Alloy 600 is comparatively un- attacked by the majority of neutral and alkaline salt solutions and is applied to some caustic environments. The blend resists steam and mixtures from steam, air and co2.


Alloy 600 is non supports magnetic, has excellent mechanical real estate and a mixture of substantial strength and good workability and is readily weldable. Inconel six-hundred exhibits cold forming characteristics normally associated with chromium- dime stainless steels.

Typical corrosion applications include titanium dioxide production( chloride route), perchlorethylene syntheses, vinyl chloride monomer( VCM), and magnesium chloride. Alloy 600 is utilized during chemical and food processing, temperature treating, phenol condensers, soap make, vegetable and fatty acid boats and a whole lot more.




Immune to an array of corrosive media. Positive aspects content gives better resistance rather than Alloy 200 and 201 beneath oxidizing conditions, at the equal time the high nickel offers good resistance from reducing types of conditions. Virtually immune to chlorine ion stress corrosion cracking. Demonstrates enough resistance to natural acids just like acetic, formic and stearic. Exceptional resistance to high purity normal water employed in primary and secondary brake lines of pressurized nuclear reactors. Minor or no attack occurs for room and elevated temperatures during dry gases, just like chlorine or maybe hydrogen chloride. At temperatures up to 550C in these mass media, this alloy has been shown to be one of the resistant from the common alloys. At increased temperatures the annealed and remedy annealed alloy shows good amount of resistance to scaling and has substantial strength. The alloy also withstands ammonia bearing atmospheres, as perfectly as nitrogen and carburizing fumes. Under alternating oxidizing and lowering conditions the alloy can encounter from selective oxidation.




Thermocouple sheaths. Ethylene dichloride( EDC) damage tubes. Conversion of uranium dioxide to tetrafluoride touching hydrofluoric acid. Production of caustic alkalis particularly in the living of sulfur compounds. Reactor boats and heat exchanger tubing applied in the production of plastic chloride. Process equipment used during the availability of chlorinated and fluorinated hydrocarbons. In nuclear reactors uses are for such parts as control rod inlet stub tubes, reactor vessel parts and seals, steam dryers and m separators in boiling water reactors. In pressurized water reactors that is utilized for control fishing rod guide tubes and steam creator baffle plates etc. Furnace retort seals, fans and fixtures. Painting tool hearths and radiant tubes, during carbon nitriding processes especially.


Chemical Composition Standard Definition Featured Features Common Usage Areas
Element Min % Max %
Ni 72.00
Cr 14.00 17.00
Fe 6.00 10.00
Mn 1.00
C 0.10
Cu 0.50
Si 0.50
S 0.015
P 0.04
Co 1.00
Nb/Cb 1.00
Ti 0.50
Ta 0.05
AI 0.35
AMS 5665
AMS 5687
BS 3075 NA 14
BS 3076 NA 14
DTD 328A
UNS N06600
AWS 010
At high temperatures


High corrosion resistance and

High oxidation resistance

Oven parts and oven parts



Chemical processing equipment


Food processing equipment


Nuclear engineering

Jet Engine Parts


Specific weight 8.47g/cm³ 0.306 lb/in³
Melting point 1413°C 2575°F
Coefficient of expansion 13.3 μm/m °C (20 – 100°C) 7.4 x 10-6 in/in °F (70 – 212°F)
Stiffness coefficient 75.6 kN/mm² 10965 ksi
Coefficient of elasticity 206 kN/mm² 29878 ksi
Finished part heat treatment
Status Type Temperature Hours (Hr) Soğutma
°C °F
Annealed or spring tempering Annealed or spring tempering 460 860 1 Air
Status ~ Tensile strength ~ Working temperature
N/mm² ksi °C °F
600 – 850 87 – 123 -200 to +1000 -330 to +1830
Spring Access 900 – 1450 131 – 210 -200 to +1000 -330 to +1830



Inconel 600 Nickel Alloy Steel UNS N06600 Standard Engineering Material 0