How to distinguish 304 stainless steel plate and 201 stainless steel plate?

July 5, 2022
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304 stainless sheet is great for food processing, transportation and space for storing. It is just a widely used stainless metal sheet. I want to sharewith you ways to separate 304 stainless- steel sheet and 201 metal steel sheet.

1. From afar , 304 metal linen and 201 stainless linen have the same luster and matte color. But we can identify it inother ways. If you see directly with all the naked vision at close range, the colour of 304 is saturated and bright, and feels quite simple to thetouch, whilst regarding 201, it'll be slightly darker, with low color saturation, and feel just a little rough to the touch. On the water test, thewatermark on the surface of 304 is quite simple to remove, while the treatment of 201 is very troublesome

2. Distinguish by the grinding machine: when grinding 304 stainless steel sheet, the sets off are short and few, as the 201 is theopposite, the sets off are splashing and more. Once you use this approach to distinguish, you must maintain the same polishing intensity.

3. Differentiate by stainless pickling insert: apply the lotion to 304 and 201 and take notice of the color change, in the event the color is white or notdiscolored, it's 304: around the in comparison, if it is black, it really is 201.

4. The chemical formula is different the chemical formula of 201 is 1 Cr17mn6ni5 and the chemical mixture of 304 is 06cr19ni10: themain difference between them is the component of nickel and chromium 304 is 19 chromium and 10 dime, and 201 is 17 chrome and 5 nickel.

5. Diverse performance: Because the content of nickel is different, the corrode resistance of 201 is much less than those of 304, and the acidand alkali resistance of 201 is less good as that of 304. Because 201 has higher carbon content than 304, 201 is harder and little than 304. 304 has better understanding scratching the top of 201 with a hard blade will generally have observed scrapes, while the scratches on 304 will never be observed.